About us

Barefoot All Natural Farm is the name we’ve given to our backyard farm in Athol, Massachusetts. We are new (wanna-be) farmers, learning as we go.

After we had children, we became more aware of what we were putting into our bodies, how food got to our plate and even what happened in that cycle after we got up from the table. What we discovered is that it’s not always a pretty journey. We’ve set out to change that, at least in our little world.

We are committed to managing our plants and animals naturally and humanely, with a hands-on approach that allows for a personal connection with our local ecosystem. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology and Animal Studies, as well as 10 years training assistance dogs, I have a good understanding of what animals need in order to remain healthy and happy. All of our animals are allowed to practice natural behaviors daily, such as foraging, exercising, socializing and (when appropriate) mating.

Our focus is to be as self-sufficient as possible, using as many of our own resources as we can in our products.  When necessary, we supplement what we have with resources from other local farmers.  Sustainability of our land and animals is of utmost importance to us.  All animals are from heritage lines and retain characteristics necessary in order to live full, healthy lives.

Visit us at the Athol Farmer’s  Market on Saturdays from 9-12pm to see our currently available products.  Hope to see you there!

Harley, Christy, Jacob and Kalina

The Bassett Family


2 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Such a nice family. The soap is amaizing..we just love.th honey cinnamon…it’s a refreshing change in our crazy fast …go…go..go lives to find real families with real goals to change the.world one step at a time.

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