All Natural

To us, “all natural” means doing things the old fashioned way, as nature intended, with as little interference as possible.  Nature has an amazing way of keeping life going, whether we are paying attention to it or not.  And for the most part, everything you need to survive can be found in your own backyard. (Even if it needed a little help getting there to begin with.)

All farms need human management, but that doesn’t mean that we need to interfere with the natural processes at work.  Our job is to supervise, to make sure there are adequate resources available and proper timing is followed in order to allow those processes to happen most efficiently.

We use only natural fertilizer from our animal’s manure, worm composter and outdoor compost pile in our gardens.

We do not use chemicals or antibiotics on our animals unless there is a valid medical need to do so.

We have chosen breeds of animals that can not only survive in our area, but thrive, reproduce and raise young naturally.

We avoid growing GMO plants and save the seeds from our heirloom vegetables year after year.

We process our own meat and milk our own goats by hand.  Because we are not licensed, we are unable to sell meat or milk to the general public for human consumption.

All of our products are completely natural, with no artificial dyes, flavors or additives.

All in all, we respect what hundreds of generations of farmers have accomplished and love to watch this amazing system work, untouched by modern industrial food operations.

This hen was babysitting for the chick's real mother for the night.
This hen was babysitting for the chick’s real mother for the night.

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